Our Chief Customer Care Manager, Noela Thorne started ADZ Impact in 2002 after spending 18 years in the corporate sector as both a client and a supplier.  Her roles within the corporate arena included event planning and with a keen eye for detail and passionate desire to expand her skill set she switched to working as a supplier in hotel and conference sales positions.  During this time she used her knowledge, empathy and resources to develop long term relationships with clients.  The importance of being accountable, authentic and proactive, gained her trust and support from major corporate accounts.  This led her on a journey that created ADZ Impact Promotional Products.

Authenticity, Integrity and Commitment has always been at the forefront of her focus and Mission Statement. SOLUTIONS and CUSTOMER SERVICE is our commitment.

ADZ Impact has been built on this commitment.

  • To fully understand each individual client’s needs and desired outcomes when choosing a promotional item or campaign.

  • Easing our clients’ pain with defined choices that will showcase their Brand, their Values and their desired Results.

Our Success is YOUR Success and Together We Can Create a Successful Partnership!

“Awarded the 2020 APPA and PPAI Certification Scholarship”

Which has been completed over the past 12 months.


Congratulations! By achieving your Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) certification, you have joined an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the promotional products industry, as well as continuing education. The CAS certification is truly the “mark of a professional” signifying that an individual has reached and continues to meet a higher standard of professionalism, knowledge and experience within the industry.

“The Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) certification is awarded to professionals in the promotional products industry who have met rigorous educational requirements and demonstrate exemplary commitment to their profession. Professionals who have earned their CAS provide the highest standard of conduct and integrity.”

Again, our sincere congratulations on joining an elite group of industry professionals that have invested the time and energy to achieve this important industry certification.